Monday, December 27, 2010

[serial permotoran]: ABSORBER

Have you ever wondered what makes a Mercedes, a BMW, a Volvo or even a Lexus, stand-high in a class of its’ own? Well, some people say, that among the major aspects of the so called high-class vehicles which differentiate them from others, is their suspension system. With a good suspension system, you will still get such comfort even though you drive on roads full of puddle, or remain “un-bouncy” when your car collides with hectic bumpers. All this leisure and comfort, should be thanked to the shock absorber.


A shock absorber –as explain by our good companion Mr. Wikipedia- is a mechanical device (one kind of dashpot) designed to smooth out or damp shock impulse, and dissipate kinetic energy. In a vehicle, shock absorbers reduce the effect of traveling over rough ground, leading to improved ride quality and increase in comfort. 


In other words, it is the shock absorber who is the one responsible in settling all those vibration issues. And it is shock dissipation of the absorber or the suspension system, which bring the comfort in your riding, further on bringing luxury to any vehicle which masters the issue.


Yet, i’ll bet you that you still would realise a bumper or puddle hit by your car’s tyre, wouldn’t you? This is because, even the best shock absorber in town still could not dissipate 100% shock and vibration, especially if the speed of the vehicle is increased. Man’s technology just ain’t that good enough, at the moment.


Doesn’t this makes you wonder how magnificent the Creator had created a “shock absorber” inside a Woodpeckers head, especially as its’ skull doesn’t explode into pieces, even though the speed of its pecking, added with the roughness of the tree it is pecking, is far beyond Mercedes or BMW or Lexus standard? Did you know that a woodpecker, could actually perform 38 to 43 peeks in just two or three seconds, without suffering any injury neither on its peek nor skull?


Now, do you still think that the Creator of such “suspension system” inside the birds’ skull, is still less supreme to man itself, until it needs feeding, or birthing, or even other “manly” action which could only bring down the attributes of a God, from “Creator” to “creation”?


Probably our Proton could learn from this. To be as good as “Woody Wood Pecker”, you need to be “down to earth.” And when you are humble and noble, then good will accompany you along the way. Let us learn from the creations, so that the Creator will teach us more.




Thank You and Best Regards.




Ir. Faridul Farhan Abd Wahab |  signs of the Creator, in our everyday life!



  1. ^^

    sentiasa penuh dengan analogi...memudahkan utk faham...

    teruskan akh, kami di sini kan sentiasa mendoakan...

  2. terima kasih akhi atas doanya. Juga kerana sering berkunjung ke blog ini. Doa ana juga untuk antum di sana.