Monday, July 15, 2013

I’m currently doing some sort of research on one of the figures behind Lionel Messi’s huge success. I’ve studied him before, yet forgot to compile my studies in proper writing. And as human beings, yes, we tend to forget. And in order to achieve success in our everyday lives, why should we forget such phenomenal figure who had shine his arena in among the shortest time there is? And the person I’m talking about, is Pep Guardiola.


An article in CNN’s World Sport GoalMouth dated back in 2012 –January 12th to be exact- published under the headline “What makes Barca’s Messi and Guardiola the world’s best?” revealed the secret behind Barca’s triumph in winning 5 out of a possible 6 trophies offered that season. And I like what the author quoted;

You know what Messi did when he won his third straight Ballon D’Or? He thanked Xavi. What did Guardiola do when he picked up his award? He dedicated it to his assistant Tito Villanova.

They forgot about their individual achievements and focused instead on the work of the group. It is never about "I", it is always about "us."


It’s about time Preachers of Islam understand this: it’s never about “I”. It’s always about “us.”


The importance of Human Resource! And furthermore, the importance of maintaining your human resource as per Herzber’s motivation hygiene theory: there are certain factors in the workplace (or in their case: in their jemaah) that cause satisfaction, while a separate set of factors cause dissatisfaction.


Everyone in Barca enjoyed Guardiola’s reign as Manager. Does everyone in your “team”, enjoy your leadership?


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