Monday, March 26, 2012


If there really is a time when players and supporters unite, it’s during the goal celebration. The goal scorer shall run with pride to the stands, filled with people who are shouting wildly full of ecstasy, celebrating something that both parties share in common: the joy of watching the ball hitting behind of the net. Such phenomena can always be seen, except in the case where such goal is meaningless, as when your team is already 7-0 behind with 2 to 3 minutes left of the game.



What influence such celebration? Simple. It’s just nature of human beings to express and share their joy with others, even if the stand is full of the opponents supporters!


Dear friends,


If you’re really happy with the hidayah God has given to you, you shall always “celebrate” “it” with those around you. No expression of joy (read: syukur) only happens when you are unhappy with the hidayah, as though you will still go astray as of those scoring at 5 or 6 nil behind.


When you realize that this deen is the only true and most beautiful deen, definitely you cannot avoid expressing it to others. As though you know that others shall also feel happy, when they receive the hidayah “because of you” (not from you, because hidayah is His and His alone). Why not they “celebrate” the hidayah, when they themselves ask for it day-in and day-out?


“ihdinas shirathal mustaqim” “Show us the straight path”


“Shirothal lazina an’amta ‘alaihim” “the path taken by those you have given ni’mah to them”


(Al-Fathihah, Chapter 1, verse 6-7)


And why not be the “top scorer”, beating the likes of Messi and Ronaldo, by scoring more “goals” and bringing more people to the hidayah? You can do it. I know you can!



-the author, Ir. Faridul Farhan Abd Wahab is a Professional Engineer and a Competent Electrical Engineer-


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