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[IYF2012]: Islamic Civilization (final chapter)

The Umawiy Age

After the reign of the Caliphs, beginning from year 661 to 750, Muawiyah Ibni Abi Sufyan founded the Umawiy Dynasty. With Damsyik as the new capital, the Umawiy Dynasty focused on spreading the deen even further.

Besides having Umar Bin Abdul Aziz as it’s milestone in history, the Umawiy Dynasty also saw missions to Constatinople, North Africa, Andalus and India.

While the whole world saw Spain unstoppable by any other (in the World Cup 2010), Tariq bin Ziyad successfully tamed Andalus, shining their capital with the light of Islam.

The Abbasiy Age

If civilization is considered the golden age of any society, then the reign of Abbasiy Dynasty should be considered the golden age of Islam. As civilization took place, the dynasty founded by Abu Al-Abbas Abdullah and took Baghdad as its’ Capital, found most of its contribution to the history of mankind.

Especially under the reign of Caliph Al-Makmun, taking place from year 813 to 833, among the contributions which set put into mans civilization were:-

1.     Figures in the field of Geography, astronomy (success in measuring the length of the Earth), science, philosophy etc. Among them were;-


780 – 850

Mathematics (Algebra)

Al Farabi

873 – 950


Al Biruni

973 – 1050

Sanskrit Language, Astronomy

Ibnu Sina

980 – 1037

Medicine (Canon of Medicine, used over 700 years), Philosophy

Omar Khayyam

1050 – 1122


Al Ghazali

1058 – 1111

Philosophy, Tasawwuf

Ibnu Rusyd

1128 – 1298

Medicine, Philosophy

Ibnu Nafis

1205 – 1288


2.     Knowledge in Fiqh and Hadith expanded. The era saw the birth of the following imams;-

(in Fiqh)

Imam Bukhari

810 – 870 M (196 – 256 H)

Imam Muslim

821 – 875 M (206 – 261 H)

Imam Turmizi

824 – 892 M (209 – 279 H)

Imam An-Nasaie

829 – 915 M (215 – 303 H)

Imam Abu Daud

817 – 888 M (202 – 275 H)

Imam Ibn Majah

824 - 887  M (207 – 273 H)

(in Hadith)

3.      Universities were founded, like Cordoba University in year 968 and Al-Azhar University in year 988.

However, the golden age to the entire human civilization saw an end, thanks to the Crusade War and attack by the Mongol army.

The Ustmani Age

Despite seeing figures like Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi and Muhammad Al-Fateh carving their way into history, this dynasty overall saw the fall of Islam Civilization. With the rise of Europe taking place, the Islamic Civilization finally gave way, ending its Caliph Dynasty after Mustafa Kamal Atarturk show Sultan Abdul Hamid II, the last Caliph, the door out. Since then, the entire Islam states had struggle their way under the fingers of the Europe nations.

As Islam had proven its point in making history, shall there be again an Islamic Civilization, bringing peace and prosperity to mankind? You decide!


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