Sunday, May 6, 2012

[IYF2012]: Islamic Civilization (part IV)

The Reign of the Caliphs

As Islam and Muslims achieved their Daulah, then what next? Is Daulah the main agenda, the major achievement?


Well, if you understand how Daulah is just role to take care of Dakwah, then you shall understand that our work here in the face of the Earth shall never end until the objectives of dakwah; to see Kalimatullah hiyal Ulya (God’s Deen the highest element ever) is achieved. Hence, achieving Daulah is only a “check point” in achieving a further and more genuine goal.


The Companions, those who craft their names as the best generation ever, knew this. No wonder, Abu Bakr, Umar Ibni Al-Khattab, Ustman Al-Affan and Ali Abi Thalib –those product from the “tarbiyah school” of Rasulullah- reigned their total 28 years (tear 633 until 661) in defending, in strengthening the deen which the Daulah is  built for.


Abu Bakar had his 2 ½ years reign, in focusing in battling those Murtad, those apostasies and also those who didn’t pay Zakat. Why? Because no meaning of having Islam as a Daulah by name, but the most fundamental issues in Islam, is not taken care of. If the foundation is gone, then the so called high and beautiful building shall only be waiting to slam down kissing the Earth. Because Abu Bakr knew that he had to play the role of a savior, of defender, to firm the deen of Islam which is meant to become the new and best civilization to ever shelter mandkind.


With the apostasies and those who refused to pay Zakat out of the way, Umar Al-Khattab brought “trophies” to Islam in terms of the “civilization league”. Almost all Arab nations, including some from Africa, had accepted Islam to lead and reign them. Palestine came back to the Muslims hand, while the Persia empire also lost to the brilliance of General Sa’ad Bin Abi Waqas during the Qasidah War in year 636.


While more soil came back to nourish LA ILAHA ILLALLAH, among others Iskandariyah, Armenia, Tripoli and others, Caliph Ustman Al-Affan also completed the assembling of Mushaf Ustmani, to settle all differences between the ummah with regards to reciting Al-Quran.  


But with the death of Caliph Ustman as the start of conflict between the Muslims, Caliph Ali Abi Thalib had a hard time playing the role to keep firm Islam on the face of the Earth. While the Christians tried to take advantage of such conflict, Muawiyah Ibni Abi Sufyan, a companion seen as Caliph’s Ali’s main rival, gave a vital warning to the Christian’s Emperor; “Don’t you get tricked by our (Muawiyah and Ali) rivalry. If you chose to make war if Ali, you shall see the first person come forward to punish you under Ali, is myself Muawiyah Abi Sufyan.” Later, the Christians retreated full of fear.


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